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Venture Site - Our code of conduct


Fee Justification: Business Angel Ventures strives for transparency with respect to explaining which fees are charged and why.

Progress Reporting: It can be an anxious time working with a business angel practitioner - 'how many investors have been contacted with my proposal?', 'what has been the response?' and 'when am I likely to receive funding?' are key questions that we address in regular weekly progress reporting to our clients.

Confidentiality: As far as possible, we aim to protect a client's Intellectual Property (IP). Clients should consider carefully which information to include in their initial Executive Summary / Synopsis. Whilst not giving away commercially sensitive information, the introduction should contain enough appealing material to persuade potential investors to read the business plan. At this stage we can request interested parties to sign your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Due Diligence: While we as an intermediary between clients and investors do not carry out extensive due diligence into a client (this is largely the responsibility of investors) we do try as far as is practicably possible to ensure that a client proposal is commercially viable and that the management is competent. Similarly, whilst we can request a CV and references from an investor at the funding completion stage, it is largely the responsibility of the client to conduct their own due diligence.

Ethical Practice: Along with the above points within our Code, Business Angel Capital is fully committed to providing an ethical service of best practice. We try to explain to clients the nature of the business angel market and manage expectations in a realistic and positive way.

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