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Have a great idea? The Venture Site will help you raise finance and expert help! FACT - If you have no business track record, it's hard to get a bank loan

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FACT - Venture Capital companies won't look at small startups

FACT - Business Angels typically invest £50-200k in startup businesses and take an active role in getting your project of the ground

FACT - The Business Angel market in the UK is worth around £500m annually

FACT - The UK Government is actively promoting the informal investment market to help small businesses like yours

FACT - Most Business Angel networks operate locally and few leverage the Internet to get your project the attention it deserves



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Venture Capital is responsible for the creation of spin off companies to carry out the commercial exploitation of ideas and innovations that have been developed through in the UK.

Companies are formed, based on opportunities identified through solar installation research and development originated in the University. The drive to market comes from within, UK Venture Capital assisting in the successful development of the opportunity.

Companies are formed based on opportunities identified outside of the University i.e. not employees of the University. These opportunities require additional expertise and resources in order to increase their chance of success.

The drive to market for spin-ins comes initially from outside the University. It is supported by UK Venture Capital , whose role is the creation of a multi-disciplined team to optimise and maximise the new company's potential.

In addition to the UK Venture Capital ' services listed, we are able to offer space for start-up companies in the Innovation Centre with the potential of moving in year 2 to the new Technium Centre.

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