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Business Angels are becoming an increasingly professional breed.

Amis and Stevenson spoke to more than 50 to find what makes them tick. Learn what motivates business angels and make your investment pitch a success!

Venture Capital Handbook covers the presentation of your proposal, the meeting and negotiations that follow, the commitment letter that puts the business agreement in writing, the dreaded due diligence performed by the venture capitalist of your business, the legal closing, the long relationship with the investors, and the exit. This book integrates the financial aspects of corporate finance, including business valuation models, cash flow analysis, and raising capital, with qualitative issues such as marketing, sales, management and strategic planning.

Professor Rogers provides a balanced, practical overview of the basic business and financial fundamentals of how to become an entrepreneur

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If you are a high net worth individual looking to leverage your business experience in working with young and growing companies, this is the place for you! Join The Venture Site to receive a free weekly digest of new opportunities for investment in small businesses, leaving you free to select only those that are of interest to you for further information.

Looking to invest in a small and growing business?

Backing a small business can be highly rewarding, both on a personal and financial level. Not only do you have the opportunity to get a good return on your investment, but you will have the personal satisfaction of seeing an enterprise grow from scratch to marketable product or service. You will be sharing not only your money but also your own expertise at running a business on a day-to-day basis.

But how do I find out about promising projects to back?

This is where The Venture Site comes in. We have a database of literally hundreds of businesses, ranging from fast-growing operations in need of second-stage funding to entrepreneurs with a smart idea but no connections or funding to make it work. You will be receiving a weekly e-mail with brief summaries of the new projects on our books, and you can then choose which -- if any -- you want to know more about.

Will I be swamped with useless proposals?

No. You will just get one biweekly e-mail with a number of brief summaries. If you want to know more on any of these projects, you tell us. If you no longer want the e-mail, you tell us that too and will will take you off the mailing list.

What happens if I want to know more?

When you indicate you are interested in any particular private tuition project, you will first receive a slightly longer summary containing more detail. You will then be contacted by one of our Funding Managers via e-mail to see if you are still interested or if you want to provide any feedback. Up to this stage, all contact will be by e-mail only, and you will not be pestered by phone calls, letters on your doormat, or business plans that you have no interest in reading.

What happens next?

Let's assume you have identified one or two projects you really would like to know more about. The Funding Manager handling the project in question will then forward a full business plan with an executive summary if one is available, or set up a telephone conference call with the entrepreneur concerned, or organise a meeting. What form this further contact will take will be different from case to case, and at all times we will discuss with you how you would like to proceed - or if you want to proceed at all.

What's a Funding Manager?

A Funding Manager is an experienced business jets individual assigned by The Venture Site to facilitate the progress of a project from the initial proposal to the conclusion of a funding deal. The Funding Manager will work with the entrepreneur to prepare or improve presentation of the project, answer your questions, contact other parties where appropriate, and do whatever is needed to get the project off the ground. More information of venture capital can be found on this site

What does The Venture Site cost?

To you as an investor - nothing.

Are there any risks involved investing in small business?

By transforming complexities into concrete development opportunities, it offers its partners an invaluable strategic and functional support for all phases of credit & marketing management, thanks to a range of integrated information solutions and decision support systems that are without equals in the market in terms of technology, know-how and performance.


While you may reap very considerable rewards from your investments in a small business, you need to know the risks are considerable as well. Businesses - especially new ones - may fold, there may not be a simple way out of the business if you want to leave, or there may be other pitfalls along the way, just as there would be if you set up a business yourself. As a general rule, do not invest more in any one small business than you are prepared to lose, if push comes to shove. And do seek professional advice from a solicitor, accountant or other expert in the field of informal investment. There are other risks and sometimes if you are looking to run a home business the seek a small set up with a limited exposure

What about insurance?

Many of our clients seek out professional indemnity insurance from providers like AXA and Freelance Insure however in the early stages of a business and the boot strapping phase such insurance can prove to be something best left for the future.

Thanks for the advice - now how do I get started?