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Venture Site is for online business technology companies raise capital.

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Borrowing money is tough in 2015, but ending up with the wrong investor is worse, Read how Venture Site helps connect the right skill sets and the right personalities ...

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If you are the owner, CEO or manager of a mid-cap European company that has exceptional growth potential, and if your company requires equity capital and resources to maximise solid value creation opportunities, we can provide you with:

Private equity capital: the financial resources you need to realise your growth targets.

Human capital: broad business experience coupled with strategic and financial guidance, including planning and financial structuring. In addition, our selective investment profile enables our principals to focus personally on each investment.

Access to extensive global resources: as part of Bank of America, we can provide our companies with worldwide contacts and resources to which a mid-cap company would not normally have access.

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Not-for-profit UK matchmaking for business angels and entrepreneurs since 1997

The Venture Site helps startup and early growth companies find funding and advice on the informal venture capital (Business Angel) market. We welcome business angel investors and entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy. There is no minimum or maximum investment.

Formed in the recognition that real progress and innovation take place at the intersection between teaching and research with industry and business, we have an impressive track record underpinned by depth of expertise.

Internationally renowned for its research in many disciplines as well as an excellent reputation for teaching, the University provides an exceptional base for UWS Ventures Ltd., which is based in the Digital Technium on the University Campus.


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